How-to Ubuntu 16 Amazon Web Services AWS EC2 RDS ElastiCache WordPress



DIY: How-to set up Ubuntu 16 AWS EC2 with external RDS MySQL database and external ElastiCache memcached server. The title is quite cryptic on purpose to tell you that this is somewhat different from the standard WordPress VPS where everything depends on a single Linux server.

This combination gives you a fast, stable and affordable VPS server based on the concept of JeOS. You will have a budget friendly VPS server that will scale to what you need. Only limited of your needs and your budget. It contains only what WordPress needs to run and nothing else. JeOS is in this context a paradigm for optimizing your operating system to fit the needs of WordPress.

In this DIY tutorial you will learn how-to set up WordPress with the following configuration:

  • WordPress
  • SSL – https:// with certificate from CloudFlare
  • Amazon AWS EC2 VPS server
  • Ubuntu 16 LTS
  • Apache
  • PHP 7
  • External Amazon RDS MySQL database server. MySQL version 5.7
  • External Amazon ElastiCache memcached server
  • Google PageSpeed module
  • Using Google gMail or Google Apps for Work as SMTP server
  • Automatic update of Ubuntu every day
  • Timezone set to Oslo, Norway
  • CloudFlare CDN, performance and security
  • Configure the Amazon Web Services firewall to only allow connections on port 443 and 22 from selected IP adresses
  • Protecting WordPress admin section using .htaccess with IP rules
  • Forwarding all non-SSL traffic to the httpS:// version of wordpress
  • Automatic backup of WordPress
  • Backup of Ubuntu


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Ubuntu 16 AWS EC2 initial activation of the VPS server

After signing up and activating your account with Amazon Web Services it’s time to chose the right image.


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Buy this VPS server preconfigured for USD 180,- $

This page is a DIY guide. When you run into problems or just want to get this server production ready as soon as possible. No problem. We will prepare it for you if you pay us for the time we spend configuring it. You get a server with 1 GB of memory, 30 GB SSD disk and 1 processor. Want another hardware configuration? No problem. Just contact us. One hour of support using email, phone, FaceTime and TeamViewer is included. Do you need additional work? No problem. We charge USD 95,- $ pr hour outside Norway.  Check out the TBT profile on TrustPilot to see what others thinks of TBT.
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How to migrate your WordPress to the JeOS VPS with Migrator

Moving your current WordPress site to this VPS server is usually a straight forward process. All you need is the Migrator module. This module makes it easy to move your site and even change the domain name to a new and better URL.

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