WordPress JeOs concept



JeOS is pronounced juice. Its means Just Enough Operating System. Thats just what this is about. The idea is to run only what WordPress needs and nothing else. JeOS is in this context a paradigm for optimizing your operating system to fit the needs of WordPress. We are also lifting weight of the VPS server by moving services into the cloud.

A stripped down and cloudish VPS server

By unloading the Ubuntu VPS server with as much as possible, you will run a VPS server that requires less resources than the traditional WordPress VPS server. This is because many of the core services are moved to different cloud services. By cloudifying your WordPress VPS server things get simpler, easier, faster, budget minded, faster, more robust and easier to troubleshoot because you can isolate the different processes.

We recommend the JeOS concept when running WordPress

Following the JeOs concept makes your Ubuntu VPS smaller, faster and potentially more secure. There is fewer access points for hackers. Fewer possible points of failure. The JeOs WordPress concept has many advantages. This is some of them:

  • Needs less memory
  • Needs less CPU
  • Needs less storage
  • Needs less bandwidth due to CloudFlare CDN
  • Less expensive. Amazon AWS Charges for what you use.
  • Potentially faster
  • Potentially safer
  • Potentially fewer points of failure
  • Easier to upgrade
  • Easier to migrate
  • External MySQL server using RDS
  • External memcached server using ElastiCache
  • External CDN – Content Delivery Network – using CloudFlare
  • External minify and other optimizing techniques using CloudFlare
  • External origin network optimizer using CloudFlare Railgun results in an average 200% additional performance increase. (Add-on)
  • Easier troubleshooting because processes running in the cloud can be isolated.
  • Administration of Ubuntu using a SSH client on your mobile, tablet or PC
  • Administration of WordPress with your mobile, tablet or PC using WP-cli
  • Administration of WordPress with your mobile, tablet or PC using WordShell
  • Almost unlimited scalable
  • No graphical admin panel that will drain memory, cpu, storage and other computing resources, create points of failure and require license.
  • Easier and faster move to Ubuntu 18 LTS or Ubuntu 20 LTS in due time. The Ubuntu 16 LTS distributions is coming to it’s End of Life after a number of year. At that time it should be quite easy to set up a new JeOS EC2 Ubuntu 18 LTS or Ubuntu 20 LTS VPS server from scratch. Then use UpdraftPlus or another backup plugin to move WordPress to a fresh new server. For a number or reasons are we recommending to set up a new, fresh JeOS VPS server in stead of upgrading the current outdated server.
  • Google Tag Manager to handle tags from AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing AdCenter, Facebook and most other tags.
  • The Google PageSpeed module uses ElastiCache to take load of the VPS server and speed up everything by optimizing.


You can use this series of How-to’s to set up your own JeOS server or order a prebuilt server from us. We are also available if you need help. There is also lot’s of freelancer ready to help you.

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