WordPress Juice – WPJeOS – Optimize WordPress VPS for speed and budget

This site is about how to install and configure lightning fast, and budget friendly virtual server with WordPress using Ubuntu and offloading as much as possible to cloud services.


EC2 WordPress setup
Use this site to learn how to get avirtual private server running WordPress with speed and on a budget. Offload to free services in the cloud to get lightning fast page load and budget friendliness.
JeOS refers to a customized operating system
that precisely fits the needs of a particular application.


Just Enough

Operating System

This site is about the concept WordPress JeOS.
WP JeOS is a customized and optimized Virtual Private Server in the cloud built with the sole purpose of running WordPress with the keywords:

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Stable
  • Budget-minded regarding money and hours spent
  • Scalable as your business grows
  • The feeling of satisfaction and reward you get from a DIY project

The term “budget minded” involves both dollars and the number of your working hours.

This tutorial is for you that are familiar with working with the command line and an SSH client. Your WordPress optimized VPS server could be in production within a few hours.

Ubuntu JeOS (pronounced “juice”) is a discontinued variant of Ubuntu that is described as “an efficient variant … configured specifically for virtual appliances.”[It is a concept for what an operating system should look like in the context of a virtual appliance. JeOS stands for “Just enough Operating System.” JeOS has been replaced by Ubuntu Core, which is now an officially supported minimal variant of Ubuntu.

Its first release was Ubuntu JeOS 7.10, and since the release of Ubuntu 8.10 it has been included as an option as part of the standard Ubuntu Server Edition.

Just enough operating system (JeOS, pronounced “juice” according to SUSE) is a paradigm for customizing operating systems to fit the needs of a particular application such as for a software appliance. The platform only includes the operating system components required to support a particular application and any other third-party components contained in the appliance (e.g., the kernel). This makes the appliance smaller, faster (to boot and to execute the particular application) and potentially more secure than an application running under a full general-purpose OS.

Ubuntu VPS with a single WordPress site

Install Apache and the basics

Activate .htaccess

Delegate permissions and ownership to file and folders

Install WP-CLI

Install WordPress with WP-CLI

Old type manual WordPress install

Install Memcached or Redis client for Amazon ElastiCache

Enable Apache modules for W3 Total Cache Browser Cache

Configuring SSL

Add virtual host and domains using a single IP

Cheats sheet: Adding new virtual host

Adding SSL certificate from CloudFlare

How to activate SSL with a free valid certificate

Multiple sites on a single IP

Tuning Ubuntu and Apache

Use Google PageSpeed with Amazon ElastiCache

Correct IP when using CloudFlare

Apache MPM prefork module

Add more PHP memory

Set the right time

Auto upgrade Ubuntu

Auto restart Apache

Auto reboot Ubuntu once a month

Automatically update WP, themes, and plugins with WP-CLI

PDF previews in media library

Firewall and safeguard WordPress

Safety is a layered concept

Maintain a sound and sustainable password policy

The only ports that should be visible to the world are 443 and 22.
Allow only incoming traffic from the CloudFlare IP range on port 443 and your IP on port 22.
Allow only outgoing traffic to the net on port 443, your IP on port 22 and port 80
Allow only internal traffic to and from ElastiCache and RDS.
The package management tool apt-get needs outgoing port 80 to be open
More about the concept of security 

SMTP over port 443 with Oauth2

How to set up outgoing mail from WordPress on port 443.

TIP: Consider using Slack.com for your forms as an alternative to of e-mail.
Many tasks kan be done better with Slack.

Garden Gnome Software requires the ZIP PHP extension

How to use Google Tag Manager with Genesis from StudioPress

WPtouch simplifies mobile approach

Within a few year mobile is the preferred platform for consuming Internet services and products. WPtouch simplifes the transition from PC based WordPress to Google Accelerated Mobile pages -AMP – and other ways of presenting mobile content.

How to use Google Tag Manager with Wptouch

Using MAXcdn with WPtouch

WooCommerce adaption

Soap client for use with gateways

DOMDocument for multipart e-mail

mbsrtring for converting characters

Command line admin tools



Dive deeper into the matter

Migrate from local MySQL server to Amazon RDS MySQL

Migrate from shared server to WPJeOs.

Automate the creation of WPjeOS

A script could configure your WPjeOS server in minutes. A simple online form where you enter domain name and credentials for AWS, CloudFlare, and MaxCDN. Within a few moments, your server is ready for production. Just point your nameservers to CloudFlare.

Tuning for speed

MaxCDN, CloudFlare, and WordPress together in harmony?
WordPress without a CDN is not a good idea. Google penalizes you for slowness. Customers abandon your site because they won’t wait for the site to load. Period. MaxCDN, CloudFlare, and WordPress together in harmony? Let us find out!

How to run WordPress without a server

The concept of a server is about outdated. Why do you need a server?
Running the code on Google App Engine, Amazon Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions, IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk or another stateless solution seems much more sensible and logical.

Alternate budget friendly WordPress VPS solutions

Microsoft Azure lets you run WordPress for free

You can WordPress on Microsoft Azure for free. The downside is that the free version does not let you use your domain name. For a small sum, you can run Microsoft Azure with you own domain name. The domain thing is really not a issue.

The other downside is that if you can not leverage the full power of WordPress. You need to run WordPress on an operating system in the Unix family to access all the features in WordPress. BSD and Linux is the most used Unix-family operating systems. Ubuntu is a Debian Linux build.