How to get your lightning fast and budget friendly WordPress virtual private server on the Amazon Web Services datacenter

This site is about how to install and configure lightning fast, and budget friendly virtual server with WordPress on your nearest Amazon Web Services data center.

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  WP JeOS is a paradigm for customizing


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Use this site to learn how to get your EC2 virtual private server running WordPress. Gain page load speed by using an external database server, two external cache servers, external CDN and some other optimation techniques. Rely on the cloud to get lightning fast page load and budget friendliness.
JeOS refers to a customized operating system
that precisely fits the needs of a particular application.

About this site

Available for hire

I am available for budget friendly hire through my company AS at an hourly rate of USD 99,-$. In most cases, I am happy to provide a quote, so you have a fixed price. Please see the reviews of my previous work. Available for consulting, mentoring and as an advisor through AS.


Hope you can find a nugget here and there

Over time this notebook has grown and grown. The notebook consists of a considerable number of web pages. I hope you will find some nuggets here and there.


Originated as a personal notebook

This project started initially as a personal journal to help myself to consistently and efficiently configure the budget friendly Amazon Web Services EC2 VPS server. This site still is a work in progress and will continue to be so until I retire. This VPS web server runs the latest Ubuntu with an external database server and two external cache servers. In the future hopefully with a third cache server to pick up even more speed. Page delivery speed matters a lot. Currently, most pages loads on less than a second when testing on Pingdom Tools.


Finally powering down the data center

I started using EC2 Ubuntu VPS servers somewhere between 2005 and 2010. Been running a datacenter with standard servers and VMware VPS servers since 1997. Finally powering down the data center in Bergen in 2008. Since then the EC2 virtual private server together with the database server RDS, the cache server ElastiCache, and the CloudFlare services been a core part of my business.


Load time less than a second

The VPS servers are for both the customer- and company’s services. I need a solution to fast and easily setup a customized server. The solution should be able to serve web pages that take less than a second to load for most pages. The server must rely on cloud services with a budget-friendly price tag. Further is the concept to offload the web server by using CDN and cache services. Use of cloud services leads to better stability, less downtime, and budget friendliness.