How to save time and automate WordPress with WordShell



Budget minded means more than dollars leaving your account.  Budget minded means the working hours needed to keep servers and sites running.

WP JeOS is a budget minded VPS server. That is why running many servers is always an option and often makes sense. It might come a day when you just can’t afford downtime on your WooCommerce. Then it might make sense to move WooCommerce to a dedicated WP JeOs server that just runs this single site. Furter down the road there might be a WP site that just won’t behave, so you decide to put it on another dedicated WP JeOS server to more easily debug it. Suddenly you ended up with 5 WP JeOS servers with a total of 25 WordPress sites. That’s where WordShell comes in.


3. party plugins you might have bought

A great timesaver with WordShell is the way it handles plugins that come from other places than the WordPress.ORG repository. This usually paid WordPress plugins will often end up as an orphan somewhere hidden on your hard drive. With WordShell, they are all gathered in a folder and can be used for both upgrade and install.

Look at this timesaver!

You need to get a list of plugins on all 25 WordPress sites on 5 VPS servers that needs updating. With your mobile, tablet or PC SSH into your server and issue the command.

wordshell all --listupdates --everything

Then update Akismet on all 25 WordPress sites on five servers from your mobile, tablet or PC by typing:

wordshell all kismet --update --latest

If you have TextExpander on your mobile, tablet and PC, you could just type the abbreviation


moreover, then the abbreviation to upgrade


You can automate even more

Run WordShell from a script on the server.

To fully automate run WordShell and WP-CLI as a cron job.

WP-CLI vs. WordShell. Who is the better?

WP-CLI is a free solution for managing a single WordPress on a single server using the command line.

WordShell overlaps WP-CLI and gives you, even more, alternatives, so you simultaneously can perform actions on many WordPress sites located on different servers. It is a good choice to use both WP-CLI and WordShell.

Command line gives you the flexibility to manage WordPress from any device regardless the quality of the Internet connection.

The answer to the questions: Use both.

Bring a Bluetooth keyboard for your mobile and tablet

Things tend to go wrong on holidays and when you are out traveling and away from office. Command line gives you the flexibility to manage sites fast from mobile, tablet and PC from remote low bandwidth areas. I huge timesaver is to bring with a small Bluetooth keyboard. You can find little collapsible ones that easily fits into your pocket. Running SSH from a proper keyboard is much faster.