How to activate your free Amazon Web Services account



You need a phone and a debit or credit card to activate your free AWS account.

If you don´t exceed your free quota of 30 GB storage and 15 GB bandwidth each month, Amazon is charging your card the first time after 13 months. Until 13 months has passed, the phone number and card are only used to verify your identity. From the 13´t month after signing up Amazon will charge you for the usage the past month. You can easily reduce the cost up to 70%. You only sign a 36 months deal with Amazon instead of using the hour by hour deal that is the default agreement.

From month 13 Amazon will bill you on a monthly basis.


Do you feel managing Amazon would be a hassle?

Let TBT create, manage and on your behalf pay the charges to Amazon.

TBT will send you an invoice on PDF as an email attachment in January each year.

Only one invoice every year!

You can pay the invoice with PayPal, SWIFT, IBAN, Internet banking or most other ways of your choice. Please contact TBT for further info.