Static Site Generators for Cloudflare Workers

Short answer: Use the free Gatsby and Netifly

Create your new site with Gatsby and publish the site toNetifly. Finish. Done!

In 2020 it seems that Gatsby and Netifly are the marketleader like WordPress is to the dynamic market.

StaticGen A List of Static Site Generators [SSG]for JAMstack Sites

Which static site generator should you choose There are over 400 SSGs. What follows will help your decision-making process! In the last 2 years, a select number of them reached maturity and dominated the field. They’re the ones you should look at first and the ones highlighted here.

Choosing a next-generation static site generator

9 Static Site Generators

Static sites are a relic of the past originally introduced before CMSs took over the web. Today, they enjoy a successful reincarnation with static-site generators and modern frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular.

Leveraging the power of modern frameworks with toolings like Webpack and advanced CSS techniques, static site generators (SSGs) let you create and deliver beautiful websites with custom content with very little effort.

In 2019, there’s a special place to an SSG which works with React, and even leverages components to create a better experience for developers and users.

So, I’ve gathered some of the finest React static site generators out there to build a beautiful and content-rich website. I hope this list can save you some time, and please feel free to comment, add or suggest your own insights.

Static Site Generators

Is static sites make sense for anything beyond a one-pager?

This site highlights the top open source projects, in many different languages, that make static sites not only viable, but an attractive option for creating sophisticated websites!

The typical CMS driven website works by building each page on-demand, fetching content from a database and running it through a template engine. This means each page is assembled from templates and content on each request to the server.

For most sites this is completely unnecessary overhead and only adds complexity, performance problems and security issues. After all, by far the most websites only change when the content authors or their design team makes changes.

A Static Site Generator takes a different approach and generates all the pages of the website once when there’s actually changes to the site. This means there’s no moving parts in the deployed website. Caching gets much easier, performance goes up and static sites are far more secure.

JAMstack Sites Fast and secure sites and apps delivered by pre-rendering files and serving them directly from a CDN, removing the requirement to manage or run web servers.

Headless CMS A List of Content Management Systems for JAMstack Sites

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Static Site Generators

Free Static Site hosting

  • Netifly
  • Seems to be a market leader.

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • BitBucket Pages
  • Amazon AWS S3 free tiere
  • Microsoft Azure free tiere
  • Google GAE forever free
  • Firebase
  • Neocities
  • Surge
  • GitHub Pages
  • ZEIT Now

Lower priserange Static Site hosting