The process of copywriting for affiliate marketing

Copywriting for affiliate marketing requires quality and volum. Quality is much more important than volume, but you still need volume. This is outlines the process of creating high ranking, high quality content.


A. Decide what content you will produce


B. Research keywords. Research other post related to the same content.


C. Decide about and select both longtails- and common keywords


D. Research the content if required


C. Write the content


D. Add illustrations


E. Verify that the post is SEO friendly

Making the post SEO friendly is a process that permeates everything you do. Traffic is what generates a sale. SEO is one of the things that generates traffic. Traffic has many other sources than SEO. SEO is a long tail traffic generator.

F. Schedule publishing


G. After publishing you should promote the post


H. After some months or years re-promote the post. Update the post if needed or if it will make the post better.