WP-JeOS VPS server is the fast, secure, budget friendly WordPress server that is easily managable

Why would you want to run WP-JeOS VPS server?



WP-JeOS VPS server is short for WorPress Just Enough Operating System Virtual Private Server. Optimized for speed, safety, performance, budget and manageability. WP-JeOS uses AWS RDS, AWS ElastiCache and CloudFlare for database, cache, speed and safety. As a result the server gets dramatically offloaded. Thereby utilizing resources better for remaining services.

WP-JeOS VPS server uses cloud services to offload CPU and memory from Ubuntu. This means that the server will accept heavier load with less resources.

 Reasons for running WP-JeOS VPS server:

  • Customize your WP-JeOS VPS server without limits.
  • Own your infrastructure except the hardware
  • Be in 100% control of your infrastructure except the hardware
  • No hardware investments.
  • Stay updated on web server optimization and put it into production immediately.
  • DIY: Don’t wait for answers on your support tickets. When the ticket finally is answered, you are ready to post two new. Do the work on the server yourself instead!
  • DIY: Don’t spend hours and hours in chat windows. Often with a new operator on every session. The new operator needs the same explanations on the situation that you previously have given numerous other operators. Sometimes the operator won’t understand you. Sometimes the operator does not agree with you. Sometimes your provider’s policy stops you from achieving your goals. It seems like forever before the matter is solved.
  • Get a deeper understanding of how your websites work and can be tuned to perform at it’s best.
  • Compared to high-performance WordPress hosting pricing is competitive when you have many WordPress sites.
  • Easy migration and upgrading
  • Unequaled privacy. It’s only you and your hardware provider that can access your server.

Save time and money

  • Requires petite human intervention after the initial setup. WP-JeOS should conceptually run without any human interventions the full lifecycle of Ubuntu LTS. The Long Term Support Ubuntu lives for five years.

No strings attached

  • After five years moving to a new Ubuntu LTS should be easy and fast. We don’t recommend upgrading. Update causes downtime. Especially if somethings goes wrong. Migration requires no downtime.  Create a new AWS account and setup a new WP-JeOS. Historically AWS new features are not always upgraded in the older AWS accounts.
  • No strings attached. WP-JeOS VPS server is a concept with few dependencies. Maybe Amazon is no longer the best solution in five years. Moving WP-JeOs to the better provider should be easy and fast. Running WordPress on Google AppEngine is an interesting concept that needs more maturity. The market could be entirely different in five years. WP-JeOS VPS server won’t hold you back.



Not running WP-JeOS VPS server because:

  • You only have a single website or a few sites running. Shared hosting will save you money and loads of time.
  • You don’t like command-line
  • You don’t like tech
  • You don’t like learning new things about how a web server works and should be optimized.
  • Your opinion: The provider is responsible for keeping everything up to speed regarding website optimization.
  • More expensive than standard and budget priced website hosting.

Should or shouldn’t you run WP-JeOS VPS server

  • In conclusion. It boils down to your feelings and values. You can consequently accomplish your work in many ways. Because it’s your working day and your life, make the choice.
  • A  good feeling at work is a seldom overrated value. Choose the solution that suits your goals and concepts best.
  • Maybe you get frustrated by having to learn new things, face technical challenges, work in command-line and spend time on matters that is not your core work.
  • Others get frustrated by posting support tickets and chatting with support operators that are less knowledgeable than yourself.
  • Most of us appreciate the freedom, and the value in not have to depend on others to performs work that you can do yourself.
  • In doubt? You should probably run a test project. We did in 2010. This site is one of the results.
  • Best of luck to you, your company or organization. Whatever choice you finally make.

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