2-Step Verification always and everywhere plus tough passwords



Username and password are not considered to be a safe way to keep the unwanted people away.


You need stronger security for all your accounts. Don’t leave any account behind.

With 2-Step Verification you´ll protect all of your accounts with both your password and your phone. Alternatively your password and an app on your phone, tablet, PC or / and Mac.


2-Step Verification App

We recommend using the app Authy on two different apps. Either your phone and tablet or your phone and PC / Mac with the Google Chrome app.

The main reason is that you fast and easy can restore or move Authy to another device when needed. Migrating your 2-Step Verification app to a new device is something you will do at least every second or thirds year. More on the Authy.com homepage.

Be in control of a vast number of passwords

Ideally use a different username and password on every site. The only way you can manage a large number of credentials is by using a password manager. LasPass.com and 1PassWord.com are the apps we recommend.