Safety is a layered concept



Think of safety as when the criminal penetrates one layer of security. Then there is just another protective layer behind it. Bad guys and criminals are often entrepreneurs with a mission. Mostly getting revenue or accessing valuable information. Criminals mostly go for the lowest hanging apples. You and your business should not be a low hanging apple. This is a list of layers you should implement:

  • 2-Step Verification
  • Hardcore, complex passwords everywhere
  • Use different, hardcore, complex usernames everywhere when possible
  • SSL encryption
  • SSH encryption
  • WordPress sites updated to latest version
  • All WordPress themes updated
  • All WordPress plugins updated
  • 2-Step Verification on WordPress or use .htaccess based IP control
  • Ubuntu filesystem system set with correct permission
  • Ubuntu updated
  • Configure the firewall in EC2 only to allow incoming traffic on port 443 from the IP-range that belongs to CloudFlare.
  • The EC2 firewall should only allow incoming traffic on port 22 from your computers IP
  • The EC2 firewall should only allow outgoing traffic to the Internet on port 22, 80 and 443. Port 80 is only for the Ubuntu updater “sudo apt-get.”
  • Use IPVanish or similar VPN protection on your phone, tablet, PC and Mac.